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I have found through my life that I am better expressing myself by writing things down than actually speaking them that's why EP is the perfect place for me. I just cant seem to get my words out right and in extreme situations I have also found that I suddenly have trouble breathing.

I think it all goes back to when I was younger I used to stutter badly and I suppose some people found this irritating so in turn I felt uncomfortable. So for a while I stopped talking because I was scared of been made fun of or been told off for wasting peoples time.

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1 Response Jul 3, 2012

I feel as you do that it is easier to write how you feel than say it. I have never been good at initiating conversations with people I have just met. EP makes it easier. As far as the stuttering goes, it has never bothered me when someone stutters. People should have more compassion for others. We are not all the same & everyone has something we struggle with (even if some won't admit it). I liked your story. Good hearing from you.

Thx your right people should be more excepting of others

That's how my mama raised me to be. :)