Sometimes It's Written Instead Of Verbal Counseling

I go to a counselor a couple times a week as part of therapy after my adoption out of a violent and very abusive past. They help me adjust to what people call "normal" life with a real family. I have issues trusting people alot and I'm just now opening up to my counselor about some stuff. It really aggravates her but she patient enough with me and professional too. She always encourages me and tells me better ways to do stuff. She's always asking me questions. Sometimes I'm not really in the mood to talk alot or go into detail but she will cheer me up most times except when my depression is at its worse. Its hard to be happy then and that's when I have a hard time caring. She asks me to write a story sometimes and I can do that real easy and pretty fast. My iPad from school has a spell checker on it and it will help me make sentences that make sense too. It so nice. When she asks me about very hard things to talk about I will usually just write it in a story, kinda like on here, but I put in all the bad details and scary stuff. I still havent told her everything cause I just hate bringing it back in my mind but I know she can help me forget it or get over it. But I can really write the words of my story better than I can say them to her mainly b/c I won't have to see her reaction on her face as I say the words. She try not to have a reaction but I can see very small moves in her mouth or eyebrows or maybe the corner of her eye. Oh and her ears move when she surprised kinda like my dog ears! LOL its funny.
AquilaAqua AquilaAqua
18-21, M
Sep 21, 2012