Things That Betray (poem)

You ask me;
why chase happiness
or wear a grin
when life as we know it
is covered in our own morbid sin?
suicide, how tempting
leaving the mourners
left pretending
half of a heart
the beginning to their ending
You speak of souls
laying out to dry
our little hearts fragile and frail
as humans
we only fail
like an egg getting fried
we are left out and stale
sin is the blood that stains the stars
taints our existence into broken hearts
we lie to get by
we cry to feel brave
asking ourselves "why?"
each and every day
insanity approaches
one foot in our grave
inability to smile in the mirror
asking "who is the fairest of them all?"
when our souls feel thinner
realize we are nothing but sinners
selfish and obese
no competition
not even complete
nothing to say the least
we cannot find peace
we feed off of others
their weakness our strength
we wane in our existence
swaying in the cold
we see the tea party laid out
the delicious dinner rolls
with the coffin in the corner
the bloody hearts in our hands
blue roses with our name
a misery King in our forgotten land
when do the tides turn
when will the cycle stop?
someone wake me up
if it isn't too late
when my heart has a pulse
instead of a shallow hate

Copyright: MCN: CE3C2-CBWTJ-A7YP3
Prettyeys Prettyeys
22-25, F
Sep 25, 2012