I Don't Know What To Say Sometimes

Since I found Ep - I have loved every second, every single second.

I can respond to chats, and post my thoughts ........

In my real life- if somebody pays me a compliment- I just mumble something that sounds really stupid.

"hi mark- you look well tonight"
"err - ah - merry christmas"

"hi mark- thanks for the other evening, it was great"
Me-" yeah, how's ya dog??"

You see ? - in the real life, the real me- I couldn't say all this that I'm saying now.

I'd be stood there babbling about something stupid- hey - hold on- maybe I am just babbling something stupid!!

No, I can write things, much, much better that what I say em !! Lol

And at the merry age of 44- I'm starting to learn what all these text accrinoms mean
And somebody texted me the other night

And it took me ages till I worked that one out. !!

So I stopped texting for a few minutes.

expressomarkie expressomarkie
Dec 4, 2012