Your mouth is a forest,

but that is not what amazes him.  


It is the tongue,


birthing words that are fireflies



And even when your eyes are thick

with smoke,

It does not make him choke.



Your eyes is home to life,

but that is not what amazes men..

it is your control. 




It is your submission,

It is his encroachment in your forest

He set ablaze;

Fireflies are dwindling...



They will build cities of lights

that pretty the path of what he says.

It is to be a woman,

until your tongue is thick

with silence and your eyes are raven. 



Your soul is Godly,

but this is not what amazes him..

It is the elaborate church he's built into your mind.

It is all the spectacle and shine 

they've made you,

into a shrine, and themselves divinity..

They've re-made you.


Your being is nature,

but that is not what amazes him,

it is the lady they've made out of such a wild being...


It is your soft Fireflies  in their jars,

held to their lights,

and examined until they die.


It is your church, in their court,

it is your forest, set ablaze,

by their encroachment. 

It is their you

their silence,

give it back. 

It is their joy

reaped from wicked works

that are a shiny spectacle,

and silenced speculums: it is the head

that is the best part of rape..


It is orgasmic,

every-time you say

"No, it is nothing, a lady doesn't disturb familial peace." 


And it is all too common

MadamElle MadamElle
26-30, F
2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Dear MadamElle,
beautiful words and phrases! You do have a talent for poetry, some a little to obtuse, but lovely anyway, keep writing, you write from your soul and that is how poetry has to be written.

wtf? "Your mouth is a forest"? hahahaha nice analogy you've got there, hahaha your mouth is a forest xD
but seriously, you have pretty good writing skills.