You can find me...

Look where there is no listening..

Where the wind carries whispers like mothers' carry their babies.
Where justice has overslept and fear fastens its grip around the vocal cords
of every opposing opinion to individuality.

You can find me...

Look for the steam rising from the mouth of a poet
on a day when it's too hot for condensation.
Don't ask.

Just know that conversation is sometimes the fire
needed to burn down the forest of mediocrity.
I will be the one calm and patient thing;
wearing humility like skin, speaking with the power of a tsunami with words like waves that topple continents..

Here's a hint:
I am the one they call crazy, irrational but never foolish, always seeking wisdom.

You can find me...

I am the one that  will give you everything I've got in exchange for your testimonial until..

I am Found..
MadamElle MadamElle
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3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

This is so Fukken awesome...I really love this!

Very deep - thanks for sharing with the class :) I particularly liked the line "I am the one they call crazy, irrational but never foolish," as I am sometimes confused as such as well.

That's some good food for thought :)