Non Conventional Treatment

I believe that cancer can be kept from being a health issue by controlling your diet. Milk and processed meats are two dietary no-nos. Eat raw organic fruits and vegetables for the anti oxidant benefits. Organic foods don't expose you to toxins such as pesticides. You can supplement you diet with vitamins if you feel you are lacking certain elements, Calcium,vitamin D etc.

Here's an article from a health news e-mail I receive:

The countries with the highest incidence of breast cancer in the world are the Scandinavian countries. Also the biggest consumers of milk and cheese.

I believe that the body has many bouts with cancer episodes during a lifetime and most of the time wins the battles(remission). If the body gets to overwhelmed with stress and is rundown then the body is susceptible to a cancer outbreak that gets out of control becoming obvious to the person.

Get your rest, and eat you organic fruits and veggies and exercise.

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Glad you are still here my friend. Stress is a killer in so many ways.

Thanks for you input Moira. Organic is the way to go. If I ever got cancer I'd refuse the chemo and conventional therapies. Right to the raw fruit and vegetable diet I would go.

I totally agree. Eat organic, non gmo, non processed produce as much as possible. Especially all the leafy greens like spinach, kale, beetroot leafs, dandelion.... etc. They are all alkaline forming foods. Cancer grows when our bodies are too acidic. Cancer can not live or grow in an alkaline environment. Same with many other dis eases. To avoid getting sick test your ph levels often and study up on acceptable ph ranges. Adjust your diet to avoid becoming ill. If you already have cancer, go full out, study everything you can as fast as you can about alkalizing diets and just do it. Do not mess around. Change your diet now it can save you from having to go through chemo and radiation therapy, or if you are already on these therapies, the dietary change can help you to feel better while receiving the treatments.

A healthy organic diet and positive attitude CAN work miracles but sadly not always.

The corn is a disaster and it needs to be exposed. We must demand they get cattle off corn and back on grass. Some people think the change in cows' diet is the very reason for negative findings about beef consumption rather than beef per se. The entire US corn supply is fungally contaminated, bearing toxins including aflatoxin.

Sodium Nitates are definitely a great concern. I don't even eat bacon anymore. No but I'll take a look at Food inc., thanks

Good clarification. Indeed it is a scandal that our government knows frequent consumption of lunch meats is carcinogenic but says almost nothing. I have bacon on my pizza or sandwich a couple of times a month and sausage once or twice a month. And I get alpha and gamma tocopherol Vitamin E daily. Wouldn't eat those foods on a daily basis. Can they make those foods without the nitrites?<br />
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Either of you seen Food, Inc.?

Look , I am not advocating being a vegetarian. I said processed meats; lunch meat ,sausage, hot dogs steak ums, etc.

I have to eat meat. If I didn't the alternative would be that I'd be scrounging around trying to get to the point of satiety at the end of the meal by eating starch and sweets (because although I believe in fruits and vegetables, I don't find them to be filling.) If i did what I just described I would send my insulin surging. Insulin does a lot of two really bad things : it tells the body to store fat, and it promotes inflammation, which leads to all the health nightmares--cancer, cardiovascular, Alzheimer's, etc. So if I weren't eating meat, I'd be fat instead of slim, and in poor cardiovascular health instead of in superb cardiovascular health. So, I wish that people would limit themselves to singing the praises of fruits and vegetables rather than trying to convert others to vegetarianism, which would NEVER work for me, and I probably am representative of many others on that score. I believe strongly in organic meat and produce and wish they were much more widely available. I can't cook and I hate the fact that I'm stuck with all the hormones and antibiotics. The film "Food, Inc." was pretty impressive. I try to vote for organic by buying organic whenever it's available. The problem is in large part political in the US. The Midwest states are swing states coveted by both parties, so politicians are loath to buck the agro-industrial interests in those states that are moving agriculture in ever less healthy directions for us consumers.<br />
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What happened to the cute pixy, Nyxlilly?

Here's an article that states the idea that good health comes from what you do and eat, not by luck or medicine.<br />
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Thanks for you comments Nyixlilly, Your uncommon knowledge is always a plus.

My daughter who is in her last year of college, told me just last week that one of her college instructional books confirms this very subject and this view. The cancer industry makes on the average of a Half million dollars per cancer case, so I guess that's why we have never been publically told this information. A half million reasons not too.

i think your right.i think we proberly fight cacer all the time and dont know proberly gets you when ur stressed or down,sad,guilty,unloved or maybe you just expected it to happen so it did or will !!!