That Sums It Up

Went to the oncologist today with my mother. Four months in “remission” and the cancer is back, all over.

“I’m going to be blunt with you” he said, “it’s not good. “

Merry Christmas, I think to myself, in a sarcastic, disgusted kind of way.

Does everyone come in here and hear this news and act like it’s just another day? First my mother, stage IV nonsmall lung cancer, and three months later one of my closest friends, my ex husband, J, extensive small cell lung cancer- the most aggressive mutation.

I text the news to my best friend, K.

“Cancer’s back with a vengeance” I send.

“What’s the plan of action”, she responds. She always wants to have a plan of action.

“Hospice and chemo” I write back.

“****!!!!!” she responds.

“Exactly” I say.

That sums it up.
Isodorapink Isodorapink
51-55, F
Dec 13, 2012