Candida...the Real Reason Why You Are Fat?

Hi guys - just wanted to share my amazing weight loss story. Over the last few years by weight really started to go up. I'd always been an average to small frame but - hitting 40 I was a UK size 12/14. I could not figure the weight gain out because I ate very healthily . People were always hinting that I was secretly scoffing large amounts of chocolate on the sly ...but nothing could have been further from the truth. What bothered me most was my huge bloated stomach - many people asked me if I was pregnant it was so big. naturally, my self esteem plummetted . I'd always been regareded as an attractive woman and in my twenties I was always being complimented on my good looks - but - in the last few years the compliments stopped  and were replaced with 'little chats' on weight gain.

I , pretty much, stopped going out - I felt so fat and ugly.I was constantly tired, run down, and depressed. I also found it really difficult to concentrate . I could not sit down to read a book because I could not focus long enough . The best way that I could describe it is that my mind felt 'fuzzy'. A month ago I was chatting to a friend of mine - who is an authority on health and healing. " You know, " she said " From what you've told me - I think that you have candida." Candida is a yeast infection , that many woman and men can get. the symptoms are exactly what I had and weight gain is a big part of it. She suggested that I try a suppliment called Dida , which you can find in any good health store. Well, that was a month ago and the weight is dropping off me - it's astounding. My mind is really sharp and I've so much energy I feel electric!

Perhaps you've been struggling with your weight? Perhaps you too have Candida. If you suspect that Candida may behind your weight gain - you can self diagnose by trying the spit test. Youtube is where  you can find out how to do it. Another big indicator is a white tounge. If you do a google on Candida - you can get all the info. I just wanted to share this info because I was so totally miserable about my size for so long and no diet seemed to work. Now I'm literally getting thinner by the day. Dida really helps as does oregano and garlic. Good luck!

cocopops40 cocopops40
36-40, F
Feb 25, 2010