Girls caned

This verse is set down memory lane
When girls routinely got the cane
When respect for teachers was the norm
And bottoms smacked before the form

Harsh beatings then were quite routine
And certain masters very mean
Bending you over very tight
Then thrashing you with all their might.

Some would even make you bare
Nothing but socks and shoes to wear
And waiting for that first cane stroke
Was certainly not a joke

The tramline marks across your bottom
Searing pain not soon forgotten
Six of the best was well applied
And your quim you could not hide

Then in the corner hands on head
With eyes upon you nothing said
Feeling so vulnerable standing there
Your well caned bottom completely bare

Those were the days when girls were whacked
And nasty teachers never sacked
You had to take it come what may
And live to fight another day
firmfox firmfox
61-65, M
2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Who likes hard caning Competitions?

Very nice and well described, Thanks!