Yes Mistress!

I met a woman on a chat line who was a prison warder who wanted to punish some of her inmates by caning etc but obviously couldnt or she would lose her job. I admitted I liked the idea of being caned and agreed to meet her one night. I drove to her house in Cambridge on the appointed night arriving about 15 minutes later than plannned as I got lost in her estate. On entering her house she ordered me to put the bag of implements she had ordered me to bring on the side of the sofa then ***** naked and kneel on the floor whilst she prepared upstairs. I waited nervously naked on the floor of her living room for her return. Soon she reappeared wearing her prison uniform, took my bag and ordered me upstairs and into the back bedroom where there wa a wooden chair in the middle of the room. She took out a "gates of hell" **** cage and fitted it to me and tied a **** ring around my **** and balls, next she took the nipple clamps I had brought with me and clipped the serrated metal jaws to my small nipples. I expected to be gagged but she said she wanted to hear me scream as she told me to kneel over the seat of the chair and she tied my wrists to the legs on the far side and my thighs to the near side using the ties I had brought with me. I had prev iously ordered 3 scool canes delivered to her address and she took each one in turn and practiced her technique on a pillow. She selected the thinnest cane first and whacked my naked arse very hard, I screamed! She caned me hard over and over for 5 minutes then paused to check the contents of my bag. She took out my heavy leather strap and lashed me hard with it mercilessly as I screamed for mercy. Mercy? she asked, You derve no mercy, you are taking the punishments for my inmates! The second, thicker cane thwacked across my bare thighs and I screamed again toppling the chair over as I struggled to avoid the pain.

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only wish it could be me!!

I like to be canned by police or jail warden severely and cruely

would love to be caned myself by this lady

Yes Nix, sometimes they cane your erection totally out of you, but not always/

Hell, a caning like that from a woman is just the right medicine for me.<br />
I wouldn't like my **** to be restrained during it, thou!

Yes Miss I did! Sorry! Please dont punish me again! Ooh, bad boy got erection now!

I can't believe you like to be caned. You must have been a bad little boy. I bet you peed your bed.

Did not get erect bcoz my **** was tied and caged, if I had peed would have been caned mercilessly despite my screams until I passed out!

Did you get an erection? Did you pee all over the place?