Unbelieveable Good Things Are Happening

I am simply nearly overwhelmed by all of the good things that have happened to me since I left the terrible situation that I suffered for 6 weeks.  I was truly blessed with a home again, I didn't have money to buy food and I was able to borrow it from people who weren't even that close to me, and I asked for financial help and I was just approved for it today!  Someone is definitely, sincerely praying for me and I am truly truly grateful from the depths of my soul!  My son was just kicked out of the house where he was renting a room and he's staying with me temporarily and I called around and there's a place that he can get into if he can get the money together.  Unfortunately I can't help him with that but it's just that it's available for him.  We're spending quality" mother and son time while he's living with me.  I'd like for him to stay but the manager of this complex says these are single occupancy units but he's married as well as another couple.  He said I couldn't allow my son to live here with me.  Okay? Two people are two people, married or not and if these are single occupancy then only singles should be in these and not married couples!  It is a biased rule and it's wrong.  I didn't challenge him on this because I just got here and I am not going to create a hostile environment with him and I have a one year lease.  I want to renew and remain here and there is no law that says he has to renew it so I won't say anything. For now.  Meanwhile I am helping my son get a place of his own and two good paying jobs so that he can be independent of anyone and can take care of himself.  He cried when that woman told him that he couldn't move back in and I was way past the "mother bear" stage.  I kept my cool though and supported him until he got his emotions under control and we put that other stuff aside and we're moving forward.  I hope my future postings are as filled with positive things as the last couple have been.  It makes quite a difference of how I comprehend my self worth.
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1 Response May 24, 2007

It's been two years - hope things are still going well for you.