Shouldn't A Loss Of A Shared Friend End Animosity?

I have shared the experience of a long standing 'friend' suddenly deciding to throw themselves at my husband. We had talked and although she did not apologise, she backed off.

However, last Sunday she rang to say a person we went to school with had passed away. I was saddened and shocked, thinking that she had only just heard too. Turns out, she and her sister knew on the Friday that this person was poorly, knew that they had been rushed into hospital in a coma on Saturday afternoon with no chance of recovery, but had waited until 9.30am on the Sunday to call when the mutual friend had gone around 2am that morning.

To make matters worse the 'pal' who had been after my hubbie said they were there with the friend when they died, not true we later found out, said she had been in the hospital all night and had just got back, not true either.

Even more frustrating, the 'pal' and the friend who had passed were not overly fond of each other!!

WHY didn't they call us when they knew that the friend was very poorly, more than 24hrs to do it. WHY did they not cal on the Saturday afternoon to give us time to go and say goodbye!!

Then, even more galling, I wrote a card to the deceased friends husband saying I recall enjoying sitting writing stories with her at school and that will be my memory of her. The ex-pal ten crowed that the husband gave her a copy of a story my friend wrote and won a prize for, to say thanks for being with his wife at the end. She may have the story, but the rest is bull feathers. I think L will be turning in her grave if she knew what this woman had been up to.

I would not do to my worst enemy what this so-called friend has done to me.

Siouxiesioux Siouxiesioux
Feb 24, 2010