So I Wrote This Opinion Piece For the High School Newspaper ...

This was written out of anger due to racism and its affects on politics.


On his first day as president, Barack Obama retook the Oath of Office because it was not said correctly the first time.  

This was done in caution because there are people out there in this world who would claim that he never took the Oath and therefore is not president. I know, and am in fact related to people that would more than likely say just this.  

Hearing my relatives talk politics has made me realize that they are frightened. They are frightened because they see that the world around them is changing and they are not. There are many people like this in the United States that don’t like the fact that an African American man is now president.  

Apparently there aren’t enough of these people to scare the rest of the United States but there are enough of them that President Obama must try to appease them. People such as Ann Coulter, who obsesses about his middle name, Hussein, are going to be very difficult to please.  

The few who find themselves unable to see past the president’s skin color need to realize that black is just as much a personality as white or homosexual. No two humans are the same. He is not Black President Barack Obama he is President Barack Obama and the fact that he is black clearly does not matter to th majority of this world.


I tried not to rant and sound ridiculous: I'm quite passionate and both human rights and politics.

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Well done - very nicely written.

Have you ever worked your tail end off and still not been able to pay your bills because of the economy that has declined since his presidency and then sit there in the evening watching television because you can't afford to go to the movies and watch him use YOUR hard earned tax money on million dollar vacations?

hey, that is good sepculation - Bush start all this and if u want to blame some one blame Bush.

@blutravlr: i do agree that race was a factor in the election. but ur example of 95% of black ppl voted for him isnt that meaningful. you have to consider, how many african americans actually voted? sure a lot more than normal probably, but still not alot. and with african americans not being the most populated minority anymore, the votes that were put in were only a fraction compared to that of the caucasian community. but like i said earlier, race was still a factor. alot of ppl (including me) wanted to see an african american (or half) become president of the US in their lifetime. granted if 50 cent ran for president, i probably wouldnt have voted at all. but Obama carries himself well and is well qualified. so alot of people jumped on that opportunity. but racism wasnt the leading factor in this election. everyone was sick and tired of Bush and wanted to see what the democrats could do

I wonder if every one that commented still feel the same now.

Very well written. I totally agree.

I think you are right about people being frightened and also correct that it is a more general discomfort with things changing than fright about any single issue.

You don't need to look any further than this to see how ridiculous Fox "News" is. At the moment that John Roberts was mucking up the oath, Chris Wallace on Fox was reporting that he wasn't sure that Obama was REALLY President since the oath wasn't said word for word. He was hinting that we were facing a constitutional crisis.

At the same exact moment, on real news channels like MSNBC, they were reporting that while it's unfortunate that the oath was flubbed, it doesn't matter a bit. He became President at noon on January 20th, oath or no oath. Instead of saying the oath he could have sung Happy Birthday and flipped Justice Roberts off and pissed on the Bible and he STILL would have been President.

What a bunch of morons.

thank you for thits very good. i love obama and am thrilled

Very true, once again intolerance and ignorance rear their ugly heads and we are forced to shed light on how idiotic the rest of the world is, lol.