I Am Angry

Someone please tell me what the hell is wrong with people !! Why is it o.k.  to ignore  the horrors ; kids having babies and throwing them away, little kids beating animals to death, a meth addict dousing a family member with gas and lighting them on fire, married people ignoring the vows they took, couples beating on each other ,adults and children beating children some to death, violence against the elderly, putting child predators on the street or in homes with vunerable adults and the ederly,killing anyone because they aren't the same as you,people living in the street,people starving and needing health care something has to be done  we are destroying ourselves and most people say it's not there problem, it is open your eyes and ears in your communities . I deal with alot  of kids the things they tell me ,wake up people!
wilter wilter
36-40, F
2 Responses Feb 21, 2007

Thanks Mindfighter!

You tell them Wilter!!! Actually one of the reasons I came to this site was to help and support people.