But I Mostly Am

 I have never ever used violence as a way to solve my own problems when they were directed at me, never.

 Never hit anyone when they said terrible things to me, or even in times in my life when people have done horrific things to me and no one would have blamed me no, never I either wouldn't or couldn't.

 But I have use it to protect others and animals and would again.

  If I came home tommorrow and found someone hurting my animals I would do whatever I had to in that situation to protect them.

 All that rage that I keep inside me from day to day would come out to protect those i love, and I would have no moral guilt about what I had done.

 So; steal my car when I'm out shopping, much as it's a lifeline for me I'd let it go, it's just a thing.
 Be rude to me at work or anywhere else, that's your problem, I will let go.
 Come into my home and hurt those I love and any animal that has sancuary with me and you will feel my protective rage and I will do what i have to.
wildnotfree wildnotfree
41-45, F
1 Response Jun 13, 2011

I feel much the same