I read some folks here that can express themselves in a way that makes me ..sigh. Some can color up the pages with just the right words, describing their thoughts and feelings. So many wonderful writers here.

I am a simply soul, from a small town that uses small I can't spell half the words that can come out of this! Sooo, I can't express certain things, feelings well here on type.
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3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

from what I have read you do just fine!
your stories are a work of the most awe-inspiring art

wow... thank you. My ego thanks you too. *smile*
I do love to rattle randomly.

From my perspective, you hold your own quite well. It's not about the words you use, it's how you put them together, and you do that quite well.

Keep it up. Please.

* tilts head down...thank you. right back at you too. I enjoy your stories.

Its very hard for me to put my feelings and what I want to say in writing.It really frustrates me ,but i do my best and hope the reader is understanding what I am trying to say .thank you for this post :)

It is very hard for me at times to know exactly what I am feeling be able to put into words! (hug) I get you! lol...