Can I Offer You Some Toast

Do you ever just have the mad craving for some toast? Well... I felt like eating toast the other night... So around 10pm, I made myself some toast. Everyone else was sleeping, but seeing as toast making isn't normally a loud activity I didn't really foresee any problem.

I wasn't going to go out of my way to clang dishes or anything... I was just making toast in my apartment... That happens to be attached to my parents house... This is me we are talking about though... Nothing can be simple with me, not even toast. I can read binary, but toast alludes me!

I stick the toast into the toaster... Then it pops... Then... Well, here is where it gets weird. Then... Every fire alarm in the house goes off! I open the door that connects to my parents house, and I see my parents running down the stairs toward me. They were thinking electronic fire... (So I've "smoke tested" a couple of things... I always put the fire out...) Anyway...

"What's going on?" Before I have a chance to answer, the smell of burnt toast overpowers their senses. Their pace slows considerably as they simply pause to smile at me as they pull my scary toast from the toaster.

"I was just trying to make some toast," I tell them softly and at this point slightly emotionally. That was all it took for my parents to just start laughing hysterically.

HalBashes HalBashes
Feb 13, 2010