My bofriend and I met at work over a year ago and have been involved with eachother every day since. He moved in with me after six months of dating, even after I cought him talking to his ex. We worked things out, but ever since I have had problems trusting him and we fight a lot. We have broken up and gotten back together a few times. This last time we were seperated for two months until i let him come back. Everything was going well until we started arguing about money and he was always hiding his phone from me and disappearing and not answering the phone. I work nights and dont usually bother him, as i believe him when he says he is going to bed. About three weeks ago we had a condom break and i am now week late. That is when things really got difficult between us. He was staying away for days at a time. Yesterday i walked in the house when he didnt expect me home and found him sleeping. I got his phone and looked inside. He had been talking to his ex again and.another woman. I called thw other woman and she told me they had been sleeping together for months. Recently the night before last. I remember that day he came home late saying he had been at his moms. We had sex that morning. He had sex with another woman and then came.home and had sex!
Hell insued. turns out she is late too. I cannot believe he would do this to me after everything. Even when he thought i might be pregnant. I feel sick. I want to hate him. I want to hate this other woman too. I dont know what im going to do if im pregnant. I feel embarrassed to tell my family everything, i cannot deal with this.
kinara kinara
26-30, F
Sep 2, 2014