Very Little Talent

Drawing is never something that came easily to me, so I didn't pursue it. There've been times when it might have been nice to be good at it, but I'll leave it to those with talent. There are other things that I can do well :-)

I've seen doodles from a few of my sisters and they're much better at it than I ever was.
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*Hugs* C8Lorraine.<br />
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I remember seeing that book title. I'll keep an eye out for it.<br />
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It's good to know that there are tutorials online too. Though, I shouldn't be surprised at that. There are so many online resources that I've been plundering lately.

I agree with cabcraft. I have seen people who claim no talent, actually surprise themselves with this technique. In 1980 Betty Edwards wrote a book called "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" and it is now in its 23rd printing ! There is heaps on Google about her and the book, as well as tutorials on YouTube.<br />
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Have heaps of fun,<br />
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Good point, Cabcraft. They were very interesting drawings that he produced. I'm sure there will come a time when I'll have a go at visual art, but for now I've got my hands full with other things.

You only think you can't draw. Try drawing something upside down. It all becomes a matter of angles and curves then, not trying to copy a picture. You may surprise yourself? A fun thing to do is to sit in front of a mirror and draw your own face without once looking down at the paper. Picasso re-born!!! Try it, it's fun! By the way - could Picasso draw? Or were his renderings very child-like???? :) X@