In Fact, I Was Just Telling a ...

In fact, I was just telling a friend this last night.  I'm always a step or more below happy.  I live my entire life just being content.  I suppose content isn't so bad.  Some people live very miserable lives.  But it really leaves me feeling as if there's something missing and there is.  I rarely achieve true happiness.  I have never had a point in my life where I could say that I was honestly happy.  Possibly I just don't appreciate my life and the people in it enough.  Perhaps I am take everything for granted.  Or maybe it's a way of tricking myself into always striving to go one step further.
theophania theophania
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1 Response Feb 24, 2007

Hmm.. That's my story as well. I don't know what it is, but happiness seems to be a myth within a myth.