I live a southern soap opera!

I was born a year or so after my parents lost their first born, a nine year old daughter, after a long incurable illness.  Its safe to say that my mother was understandably depressed.  Of my two other older, living sisters, one says she was a good mother up until this point.  The other has absolutley nothing to do with our mother and has nothing at all good to say about her.   I remember mother being passed out on the couch alot pre-kindergarten, taking alot of prescription medicine.  I also remember being taken to a chiropractor as young as 3 or 4. 

Speaking of the chiropractor...I was deathly afraid of him.  I was always panicked whenever mother told me that we were going, and once there, I'd plead with her to not leave me alone with him....

One of my older sisters babysat for his kids.  She claims she was raped by him.   There was a trial but I don't remember anything about it.  Just being shunned by other kids at school because of it (it was the early 70's...)  At the time I didn't understand why the other kids were so mean to me.  Some said that their mothers told them not to play with me.  I was too young to know what was going on with the trial. 

A short time later, we moved to another part of the state, closer to grandparents, cousins.   My parents had fought for as long as I could remember but things seemed to be getting worse.  Eventually my dad went to stay with his mom in a city about 40 miles away.  Around the same time, my cousin, who was in the same grade as me and at the same school, was upset almost everyday because of her own parents not getting along.   

About a year after the move, my parents divorced.  So did my cousins parents. 

About a month after the divorce, I was told that my dad and my ex-aunt (the same cousins mother) had married. 

My cousins were now my step-sister and step-brother.

I was 7 years old. 


LucyLoo LucyLoo
36-40, F
May 4, 2007