There are just so many problems in my life that just keep getting worse. Most of them involve friend making, or getting a relationship. I will list most of them below.
*Almost all of my friends are Otakus, or someone obsessed with Japanese related cartoons and video games.
*Too many people are becoming whovians, (People obsessed with dr. who) and they think they control EVERYTHING in public media.
*People keep bandwagoning things I don't care about such as smash bros wii u.
*I am a brony (An My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic fan) looking for other bronies, but all of them are either one of the types of people I mentioned before, or too far away.
*The bronies I know about usually backlash me for something like favoring rainbow dash and not fluttershy.
*I'm surrounded by hypocrites.
*My "friends" think all I talk about is MLP yet I rarely bring it up.
*I'm an atheist in a Christian polluted area.
*Many think simply because I like playing games like GTA5, I only play shooters and violent games when I enjoy several kinds of games.
*My parents never help. They just push me towards the wrong people and away from the right ones.
*I always have to hide my feelings inside of myself out of fear of what others might think.
These are the kinds of things that make friends making almost impossible. I can't seem to find good matches no matter how hard I look. There are other problems I have, but I will just leave it here for now.

Zzarcon1 Zzarcon1
22-25, M
Aug 15, 2014