Dissertation Angst and Lessons.....

Yep, that sounds like me.  I was in a bit of a funk for a bit - well how about more like a year and a half.  I realized finally that I got my worth and the progress and feedback (or rather the lack of it) on my diss all mixed together and forgot I was any more than those stuffy pages of verbiage!!  So I stopped teaching for the winter with a great plan to really crank it out and then found myself really hating the process and everything else too!

I finally got to the place where I realized how much my adviser 'overmattered' and how his opinion and attention defined me way too much.  It was a painful wakeup call but valuable and most necessary. 

In March, I actually hired a dissertation coach  and she’s very helpful.  It seems, like most things, the answer is to plan the work and work the plan – organizing the big project into smaller, more manageable chunks.  One of the things she feels strongly about is finding community.  I find this one of the most complicated parts of the process.  It really takes a lot of perseverance and creativity to make that happen. 

Maybe that's what brought you here to this site and that's cool,  but I'd really rather start a new experience header more along the line of "I'm finishing my dissertation" - and we can take it from there.  What do you think?
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Just wondering how it's going...are you nearly finished, or finished?<br />
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I could relate to your story, and also wanted to ask how you went about finding a "dissertation coach."

You are doing a nice job <br />
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