I loved a girl so much.
those were the days of my school(6 grade),when I changed my school and got addmision in any other school.my first day was superb.i met a girl ,who also was new there.she was very nice.naturally,I fell in love with her at first sight.as time passed..
as we reached at 8 grade.i keep liking her more.and more.she was very caring,,,love her...we usually feel very shy ,when we try to talk to each other.moreover,my friends were crazy.whole class students were knew that we like each other.when we come closer ,friends smiles,those were very GD days,then 10 grade ,this was the last session of our study in that school.then all students were going out for different colleges.i always made some courage to say her that I love her so much,when I go near her,I forget all.i tried many times.but at last,before the exams,I told her that I love her so much..
but she did not replied and went away.when I talked to her best friend,she said to me that she donot want to do friendship with me.....her ans was no.
she did not say to me directly.
my days got changed after that.i tried to talk her but she did not listen me.
exams made us very busy.
its 3rd year now.
I did nt saw her after that.
my love is as it is ,that she left.
we did not meet after that.
I have no idea where is she studies now.
i think she does not love me ,that is why i did not try to meet her.

.i love her so much.

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If you find her poke her in the ***,just pray shes not passing gas!!!