I Have to Plan!!!

I literally plan out every minute of my day.  I guess there is no spontaneity in my life, but I cannot help it.  I have to coordinate all of my time so I feel like I am accomplishing as much as possible.  I plan when I will workout, when I will eat, and what time I will have to study.  I even put the time to make To Do lists on my To Do lists!  How sick is that?  I am a bit obsessive compulsive and if I don't have a To Do list one day, I get very anxious and cannot concentrate until I make one.  It keeps me up at night and I won't fall asleep until I get up and make one.  It's sad....I need help.  Haha.

Alvertesupe86 Alvertesupe86
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 23, 2009

Ok - I totally cracked up about the putting making a list on your To Do list - thats hilarious.<br />
But, yea, you can't live your life changed to the list making - organisation is all fine and good, and surprises can be distressing - but you dont want to give yourself an ulcer worrying about it!