So Lonely

I typed in lonliness on the internet and i came across this web site, i have been crying all day, i am so lonely, all my kids are grown and gone, 1 son lives in another country, another lives in a different part of the country that we live in, my daughter is near me, but her life is so busy that i hardly see her,

1 year ago my marriage broke up,  1 don't  have any close friends, and i left my job 3 years ago due to stress.

Since the break up of my marriage i have been looking for a job, with no success, i don't have a formal qualification, and at 50 yrs of age it feels like my options are limited.

I have applied for so many crappy jobs, most don't even bother to reply, i go for days not talking to any one, i have never felt such crushing lonliness before, i think it has now evolved into major depression, as for the past week i have been thinking of ending my life, the pain is unbearable, death seems to be in my thoughts more and more.

I joined the local gym 2 weeks ago just to have some human contact and some where to go, but even that dosn't seem to be helping, i think i have reached the point of no return.

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I share your pain. Hope you've gotten some medical help for the depression. Keep reaching out. I am widowed and bi. Currently involved with a man who is emotionally abusive. My deep lonliness (worse now that I'm approaching 60) keeps me hanging in when I should not. I am drawn to needy and dysfunctional men but strong women. I'm just starting to be able to think about being with a woman again. It has been 6 years since my lady of 20 years passed. Relationships are all important to me but somehow a relationship with a woman is much deeper.

I feel your pain Sandy. I am almost 70 now and live by myself. Lonliness is terrible. I find it so strange that there are no groups to join to deal with this, believe me I have looked. It is easy for people to give advice to us when they know nothing about it. Best wishes Sandy!!!!!!!

Hi Sandy, <br />
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Belive me you are not the unique case of this situation, you will find world full of people like you and going through the same situation, but your reflection towards the soultion seems too cowardice, you have lived your life and I am sure you have seen the tougher times as well, so why not optimise the given situation by taking an advantage of it. What I mean is you have time and practically no liabilities go out and help who seek support, this will give you sense of fulfillment and satisfaction and help you come out of your situation once you see the other miseries of the world.<br />
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Grab the opportunity given by God and move on.<br />
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Regards,<br />
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You are not alone.