Its very well known that initial years of marriage are unforgettable and cherish able!!!

But that's not the case with me..Unfortunately , till date i have a love- hate relationship with my husband, and its more on the hatred side!!!

I have to ask him for everything...and literally for it  any petty stuff or anything crap...

He doesn't understand at all desires ,my emotions n my needs...!!! He always takes his family's side...he accepts his family is bad, BUT,he is unable to change anybody there!! What a COWARD BASTARD!!!!

At times ,i have earnestly prayed to GOD , either to end up  his life or my life!!!!

Initially,i impressed his parents and they were happy too, but,later things started to be taken for granted,irrespective of the elder daughter-in-law doing nothing!!!!!!

Being a younger daughter-in-law,i was exploited like hell ...but my husband kept watching like a dumb ***...

My respect for him is lost and over!!!! its 1 year now and nothing special in our marriage sparks ..nothing!!!

Divorce is not my solution as my parents will not entertain me after getting separated!!!

he took me to a different country away from his family , but, all in vain!!! Things worsened in new place!!!

I cannot look for any kind of job here as i don't have a work permit in new country..My condition is pathetic and i feel like this marriage is a biggest regret and a joke of my life!!!


petalsrose petalsrose
Mar 3, 2009