I just woke up, and had yet another dream of my fiance and I being together.  It's been three weeks since I moved up to Michigan, and left him behind in Nebraska.  We always told each other that we would be together forever, but with every day that goes by, I find myself wondering if that's truely the case.  The amount of tears that I have cried since we went two different directions, (me back to college, and him working) could probably fill a river bed, and float us together in no time.  It's been going on too long, and I just want reassurance that I'm not crying for my health, or to get attention.  I just miss him terribly, and it sucks.
Kataki Kataki
26-30, F
1 Response Nov 17, 2006

Considering that I've been in a military relationship for a year and several months now, I know exactly how you feel, and no, you're completely justified in your tears. I cried a lot for a very long time after we parted, and I know he cried at first, too (though perhaps not for as long). If you are meant to be, you two will be able to make it through this tough time, and it will get a little easier, though it will never be fun.