I'm Afraid I'll Never Stop Crying

is being a couple of month since the man I loved so much, told me about an affair he was having for almost 3'years, is kind of hard to say that I still do care and love him, do to the fact that he betrayed me in such a terrible way, he says that he still loves me and he is remorseful for what he did, how can I ever believe that, it hurts me to say that I don't trust him any more, at times I feel so lost.

I have being hurt to much, by so many people, that I have no more trust left for any one, I cry so much and so deep is my pain, that at times I'm not even sure if I'll ever be the same again

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3 Responses Mar 18, 2007

I am sorry this has happened to you.

I believe that crying is a form of healing. God knows I did my share for an entire 2 months every single day and sometimes several times a day. Its true you can stay busy and keep your mind occupied this is also helpful. I believe however that as long as you feel the urge to cry that you should go ahead and let it all out. Sounds strange but the more you let it out and don't hold back the faster you will heal from your heartbreak. I know with each passing day I got stronger little by little to the point I accepted the situation that caused me so much pain. Its a day by day thing. I agree that doing other things that you enjoy are helpful but I don't believe it is therapeutic to supress your feelings. This causes illness and more stress. Crying has been shown to rid your body of toxins it can actually be a good thing if you feel the need to do it.

No, you won't ever be the same again - you'll be older and wiser. Don't believe what he says - you are right not to believe him. You can either carry on loving him, regardless of lack of trust or find someone else to love. I recommend the latter. I have done the endless crying thing and you have to discipline yourself to stop because what you are doing is practising being good at crying. You are trying to heal yourself with tears but it won't work. What you need to do when you can't bear it and the tears are about to flow is say out loud "I won't cry because I'm too busy - I've got a funny TV show to watch/a lovely meal to cook/a friend to ring/pretty clothes to try on/men on the internet to check out". Any treat will do. People live without love. Don't just sit there - make it your first priority to find nice things to cheer yourself up. Write a list of happy things.