I've known quite a few Scotsmen over the years.  I used to have occasion to visit Scotland for my work and worked with quite a few. 

Almost without exception they were very handsome ... quite classicly so and very sweet-talking.

I remember being on a training course for work one time and at the first night social dinner sat opposite the most gorgeous looking guy ... a real beauty. He had the best soft Edinburgh accent and then proceeded to tell me about his love of poetry and recited poems to me during the dinner!  I was smitten ... lol

In the office there was a trainee engineer called David who was the most fabulous creature too ... another Scot! 

The list goes on ... and on ....

Think I'll reincarnate as a Scotswoman next time ...
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well thank you salar!

Your fine just as you are W......

fingers crossed for you texas ... lol ... enjoy!