I Have A Lot Of Acquaintances...

But not very many people I would consider friends. Perhaps I am too picky about my friendships. I want people that I can trust, that I can call in the middle of the night and know that they will be there for me, no matter what. I have had a few friends like this in the past but things happened, life happened, and we all changed. Now, I find its easy to be friendly with people but not very easy for me to trust people. I also find that, when a "friendship" I have had ends, these so-called friends I had become people I never thought they would be, very intolerable, very immature, very inconsiderate of what friendship I did have with them.
I'm insanely jealous of my boyfriend, who has lived in this area of our state for several years and has many close friends and family right here. My closest family is eight hours away and my "best" friend is currently someone I work with but never see outside of work. I tend to make friends with men easier than other women but everytime I find a guy that I can talk to or trust to be my friend, my boyfriend gets jealous so much so that I have had to stop talking to some of these men. The BF doesn't begrudge me friendships with other people, be they male of female, he's just concerned since he knows "how the male mind works."
And finally, I have found that in this area that I live in, if you were not born here (mostly small towns with small minded people) you are simply never really going to fit in with those that were born here. And the majority of the people who live here, WERE born here. Seems strange that people still live in communities like this, but I see it everyday.
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Dont give up. Some people just arent who they seem to be so its good to keep safe but be sure to really get out there before its to late.