I've got this feelin inside; I cannot feel what it is though, its just so strang now after finally bein sober for a week " I should normally feel my emotions now"! I sorta feel like I'm walking on some kind of shakey grounds; I'm feelin a little empty inside & I feel weird, just wish I could "shake this weird, strange, & erotic feeling that I have no idea what it is"!!! Got no title for this, cause I cannot feel whatever this shakness & emptyness I feel. I'm not depressed, I'm not sad, but I feel as though I am not in peace for some strange reason, which I feel! How can u shalke something when u cannot feel it nor am I searchin for something either; but I do have some dout I feel & some guilt, but I do not know where this guilt is commin from!!! I wish someone could realte too this crazy feelin I have or that someone can reach out & explain this feelin I've got within me!!! What's really funny is this feelin isn't within my soul & I do not think it's from my heart but am not for sure, I belive it's more within my stomach/gut feeling u know? I jsut cannot explain this weird & erotic feelin at all, nor can I rally figure out where this feelin is comin from either.


              I haven't lost my faith in my Higher Powers or my way in life; but this erotic feelin, I just cannot put my hands on it, nor can I pin point where this feelin is really from either, or what's it about either!!

mysterygirlsky mysterygirlsky
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

You just feel alot and thats okay, allow the feelings to happen. We all have funny feelings from time to time. If you like it then go with the flow and if not don't supress it but see it for what it is, a funny feeling.

I am not sure what that would be. Withdrawl maybe... Giving up one thing may lead to being addicted to something else.