Tangled In The Web

Disclaimer: This is a reminder to myself what I've had to go through. A note to self of what a blind idiot I can be at times. It is an example of my trust, my ignorance and my naivety; my belief -that someone could NOT be that f*cked up. Yet this is written proof that they are out there!!! It took me months to get away from this psychopath and he continued to harass me for months after the split. This highlights some of the twisted experience. (And yes, it's of great length.)

Have you ever just felt that something was wrong but could never put a finger on it? Have you ever felt interrogated, trapped, controlled or manipulated? How about being around someone that just begs for sympathy all the time, reassurance, attention? They just don't get enough credit in their mind.

This internet crap started long ago. In the beginning it was his friend’s *Mayhem & *Ray Repel's girlfriend *Merry Malice and wife *Lucy Ludicrous that was chatting with me. They were the gf's that had met MyWorstNightmare through their significant others. But yet they would talk as if they knew him well. Not a lot of conversations took place, but enough to be informative and start a whole lot of hell! In brief:
1. *Merry Malice claimed that she had always liked MyWorstNightmare. Had a crush on him even. And at some point told me that she had slept with him.
2. *Lucy Ludicrous contacted me to get MyWorstNightmare’s number because she had lost it and needed to find out where her husband was. *Ray Repel was friends with MyWorstNightmare, but it was always *Lucy Ludicrous calling him. But then one night she asked me if I thought MyWorstNightmare would drive a few hours to her house to be with her because she was worried and upset about her husband being MIA. *Lucy Ludicrous ended up voicing too many of her opinions for my liking. Supposedly while MyWorstNightmare was visiting *Ray Repel, that had been in a bad automobile accident, *Lucy Ludicrous tried to lay down with him that night and he pushed her off.

This was MyWorstNightmare's attempt to provoke jealousy. Null.

Now onto *George Goon & *Joe Jackass. More people that contacted me, but they did not know MyWorstNightmare.

1. *George Goon. I had never corresponded with the guy...but he left comments on my page. By reading them you would of thought that we had been carrying on with conversation. This caused trouble for me though I was innocent. MyWorstNightmare didn’t like me adding him as a friend to my page because to him it only looked like the guy wanted to “hook-up.”
2. *Joe Jackass. I did talk to this guy. And funny, it was about relationships. Mostly about my own. And he had asked me out knowing that I was with someone. I never did say yes. But then he sent a message to MyWorstNightmare that was suppose to be for me I guess. The story has it, that because I never allowed MyWorstNightmare to view my IM’s, he drove to meet this guy and read them on HIS computer.

Somewhere along the line MyWorstNightmare started receiving emails. Someone had sent him pictures of me with an ex of mine telling him that I had another boyfriend here. More drama and so not true. And a poorly timed one that was sent to me right after MyWorstNightmare visiting that stated that MyWorstNightmare had went to see someone in his own home town and had spent the night with her. Well this **** piles up and piles up! Somehow he ended up tracing the guy and finding him at a different location. Turned out to be that he was both *George Goon and *Joe Jackass! Hmm. But these emails and this proof I never did see. He definitely has his way of handling things.

This was MyWorstNightmare developing his multiple personalities.

Whilst all this had been happening, of course we had been fighting. We continuously went on and on about the relationship. There seemed to be no other conversation between us - just arguing about the relationship. He tried to use an ultimatum on me. Threaten this and that. He wanted all his things back that he had given me. I did go collect all of it but when the **** didn’t go according to his plan, he had to pick another tactic and somehow we stayed together for another round of it. We actually went on a small break of 30 days back in the summer, but he wanted to call me once a week. That just totally undermined the thought of break. But it was something. By this time I was already a few months past wanting out of the relationship and tried; despite me telling him that it wasn't working out, he was Mr.ClingOn.

So everything is spinning out of control. Let me get out another wrench. He had started calling a friend of mine, *Sweet Sarah. She had his number to call and check on me because in the beginning, I was going there to see him (several hours away) and I didn’t have a cell phone. I’d call *Sweet Sarah to tell her that I had made it safely from his phone. So he saves her number. He even had it programmed in the phone he gave to me. It was cool at first. He had only called her to ask her what I liked and he was planning this trip for us and wanted to see what she thought. But then there wasn’t any big plans, just calls. Calls to her when we were having problems. Calls to *Sweet Sarah because she’d listen to him talk for two hours at a time. He’d question her with “What do you think?” “What should I do?” He wanted someone to side with him, to see how hard he was trying and what a really sweet guy he was. I tell you I was furious and told him to cut it out. Basically because *Sweet Sarah said that he went on and on with it and he was getting on her nerves. (My mother complained as well that he was driving them crazy.) He would call her at one or two in the a.m. and claim that it was urgent. Because we had had a fight and he needed to know what to do. Though he never listened to ANY of the advice that was given to him. She thought he was only trying to dig for more information. I didn’t have his friends phone numbers to call at my leisure. And here’s the other point…. she’d tell me every time he called. He NEVER breathed a word of it. Though he’d ask me if I had talked to her sometimes.

This was MyWorstNightmare going behind my back and ******* me off. A definite no-no.

Next. At some point he called my dad. You REALLY don’t get my folks involved. If I want them to know something, I will be the one that tells them. And by the way my father has spoken of him (and he usually keeps mum on my dates…least to me), MyWorstNightmare must have been trying to tell him what to do or get too involved. It wasn’t appreciated on either end. And later I found out that dad had told him that he was wrong for going behind my back. Very True!!!

Have you ever found your friend’s phone number and address in the floorboard of a vehicle? Another friend of mine that MyWorstNightmare contacted, that told me. A male friend this time. This was right before the *George Goon / *Joe Jackass was caught. Apparently MyWorstNightmare was concerned for my safety and thought he should call *Bob Bond to tell him that I could be in some “danger.”

This was MyWorstNightmare attempting to be my protector, my hero.

He’s claimed he worked in “law enforcement.” They arrest people for breaking and entering. He did not, to my knowledge, have a key to my house. I never gave him one. But he’s been inside my house on two different occasions. By breaking in. When I asked him how, he just said that he had his ways and smiled. That’s a very unnerving feeling. Especially - when it's one of my fears.

The problems seemed to intensify. His computer being hacked, his handle being duped. One of my friend’s handles was duped as well and they tried to speak to me using it. Supposedly this unknown dupe also tried to contact *Lucy Ludicrous. ( MyWorstNightmare had her password cause he wanted to view that conversation. Mind you, that me and *Lucy Ludicrous had talked before this happened.)

MyWorstNightmare was “sent” some more pictures of me. He never shared any of the “proof.” Then this friend of his stopped by, someone that knows about/did investigation of *Goon/*Jackass - and told him that it was coming back on me. That I was either doing it myself, or being “piggybacked.” MyWorstNightmare called me screaming. This is where we started not talking to each other again. I told him that he could go **** himself if that's what he believed because I don't have THAT much time and I'm just NOT that kind of person.

Then in this same weekend, his friend *Eerie Ella contacted me. Just to say “Hi.” You know. Like I haven’t had any problems out of anyone! He told her about the Internet drama and the other women, she mentioned that. Of course! Of course. But she’s not like that and claims that all of his friends aren’t bad. But it’s funny that he says that he has no friends, no one to talk to and then all these different people appear from nowhere and I’ve never heard their names one!!!

This idiot (MyWorstNightmare ) arrives at my house unexpected around 5am on Thanksgiving morning. I was in bed. He sits outside my house, calls my house phone & cell, and beats on my doors – for hours!!! I spent several hours being a prisoner in my own home to avoid him.

He called my folks and started bugging them. They called me in return and told me to give him his things to get rid of him and come eat. (This wasn’t their first experience with him calling. He decided to call them at his own will and inform them that one day, I slapped him and that he had slapped me back. (That just resulted in my dad calling to check on me the next time MyWorstNightmare showed up.)

I eventually got his things put out on the back deck. That angered him even more when he discovered them because I didn’t open the door and let him in to retrieve anything and he was BEATING at the door, yelling that he wanted EVERYTHING! It was over between us and he wanted it all. Well, the only thing I had left were the gifts that he had given me. I spoke to him briefly on the phone to tell him that’s all he had in the house. He threatened to call my dad. LOL. Call him. He can’t make me do anything. I guess when that didn’t work he threatened to call the law. Sure, go ahead. Another bluff? They never did show. And if you’d want to talk about someone calling the police, it should have been me! My neighbors thought he was a stalker!!!!

He took a short break in calling and banging on my door. This is when he decided to start in on my friends and neighbors. Remember my girl friend, that he had supposedly deleted her number from his phone? He had called her to “inform” her of some things. If only he could get her to answer the phone. (He also called her by “accident” I hear. Though he had to call mistakenly, two or three times to get that message left. It was only because he didn’t know where I was and he thought he would call her and try to find out if possibly I was with her.) But anyhoo, he called her several times that day I guess. He even called her to report that he was heading home.

I saw him across the street talking to my nosy to begin with neighbor. And then he was next door for awhile. I got an absolute earful from them! They had came over to tell me that MyWorstNightmare had finally, after 12 hours, left to go home. But hold on....IT DOES GET BETTER!!!!

This is when I was FINALLY able to leave my house and go eat dinner. I really didn’t get to spend my Thanksgiving with my family. It’s sad because we don’t really celebrate many of the holidays together and this was one that we do! But on the way there, *Terrific Tabby calls. And from her tone, I already suspected it! He had contacted her as well! (Did I mention that MyWorstNightmare has called my daughter before?)

My neighbors thought he was absolute nuts after this visit. Though they really didn’t know him before and said he had seemed nice, but NOW, I was warned to stay away from him! MyWorstNightmare had left and they came over to tell me. They also wanted me to know that I could come over if I needed to for help, if he was to come back. They were in fear for my life!!! *Damage Control was telling me that MyWorstNightmare struck him as a guy that thought if he couldn’t have me, no one else could. They heard EVERYTHING from him. To the point that one, if not both of them, could finish MY sentence when I started talking!!! He was telling them that he thought I was going to kill myself. And from all his goofiness that day, they were afraid that HE was going to kill me and make it look like I did it!!!! I guess he played some of his voice messages from me for them and claimed to have them all.

*Damage Control (the neighbor) was mad that MyWorstNightmare came over to begin with, with the drama, on a holiday. MyWorstNightmare had left. Then, came back. Apparently he had been on his way home and got 30 minutes away and wrecked. I think he even called my dad. MyWorstNightmare had claimed to have left the road, going thru a field and he had blood on him. I have this couple - my neighbors, and their friend as another witness – three persons telling me that what they saw was bullshit. *Damage Control and his friend looked the car over & under and said they couldn’t find any damage. No scratches, no dents, no grass under the car to indicate that he went thru a field, no mud - nothing. They said that in the distance he had to drive back to the their house, he never wiped the blood off of himself. *Damage Control claimed it looked as if MyWorstNightmare had punched himself in the face/mouth and then wiped the blood around his mouth. MyWorstNightmare was saying that he had hurt his neck. (He's been known to “refracture” his neck a few times a year.) (And remember, MyWorstNightmare and *Damage Control don't know each other.) As a last, trying and desperate attempt to linger around, MyWorstNightmare even hinted about a place to stay. Being so he could stay RIGHT NEXT DOOR to me and keep an eye on me. *Shudders with the thought.

Next friend. *Terrific Tabby just wanted me to know that he had shown up at her house. Twice. She asked me if I had given MyWorstNightmare directions there. I told her no, he had his ways of finding out things. She later found out who he got the info from. She was also screaming, “AND On Thanksgiving!” Her children and husband had never met him. (She had met him once.) So…he immediately walks in her house and asks if they could go somewhere to speak privately. I guess he thought maybe she could talk to me. About what – I don't know. But another person that he had to inform. He also told her that he was worried about me and that I was thinking of killing myself. She repeated the same thing *Damage Control did. She thought he was crazy and said that him telling everyone that I was wanting to kill myself was so maybe he could kill me and cover it up with a suicide. Once was eerie enough, but two times hearing it!? Daaamn! She didn’t catch a good vibe from him either. She ended up feeding him because he was dropping hints of being hungry and AS WELL AS a place to stay.

At some point I had turned my answering machine back on. MyWorstNightmare called me four times since leaving. He told me that I had lost him and that it was over, but he wanted to go on and talk to me to get things out in the open. Whatever that would be. He just wants me to get over my stubborn streak and call him so we can both get on with our lives. Um…you wait by that phone ok! (Oh yeah, he had a second wreck on the way home. Stay tuned!)

Well, remember *Eerie Ella? (The character that just said “Hi” before me and the nightmare THANKFULLY broke up.) …..I get up one morning to find about 5 emails from her. From “Hi” to five long, informative, excessively chatty emails that he's known for writing. Hang with me here. She was a girlfriend of his several years ago. (Still a name that I hadn't heard.) He had broken up with her without telling her why. She informed me that she had talked to MyWorstNightmare for a few hours that morning. And it was this particular morning that she found out why both of us (her and I) had been dumped. “To protect us.” ??? From himself, the lunatic. Shew. I AM THANKFUL!!! (*Eerie Ella doesn’t know how to spell her own husband’s name in her emails. LOL. It’ll show up one way one time, and the next it’ll be a wee bit different!) Well…in the middle of this, she informs me that her husband and his friend went to pick up MyWorstNightmare and took him to the hospital. He apparently had a broken neck, a broken nose, and a concussion. The doctor wanted to admit him but he didn’t want to stay. And who is married talking to another man in the a.m. hours?? For a couple of hours?!

Who books a flight when they are broke, to the southern states for a fishing trip, with your ex gf's husband and friend that you don't know? When one has a broken neck and a broken nose? A liar. That's who.

Then there were posts made of this trip and that sounded as if *Eerie Ella went. That or her & her husband spent a lot of time on the phone because she got detailed. MyWorstNightmare's name hogged the majority of the blog. And the picture of “him” fishing….roflmfao. I’m sorry, it’s not him.
1.) No braces or bandages
2.) The man’s face in the picture is vague for a purpose, it's not MyWorstNightmare
3.) I’ve done his laundry and have put away his clothes. I don’t ever recall seeing any plaid shirts. Is a long sleeved plaid shirt what men wear fishing in Texas in late November/early December?
4.) It’s a rarity that he wears ball caps. I’ve seen him wear one once.
5.) *Eerie Ella must have taken the time to border the picture and add shadow. ...or just pulled one already done like that from the internet.

Seriously, is swimming possible with a broken neck?! HA! The lies just got worse and worse at the end as he desperately tried to win me back with the help of his characters.

Even months after the break up he tried to contact me about the “internet stuff.” Apparently there was something that he still needed to tell me, to warn me about. Once wanting my account information. He even tried to convince *Sweet Sarah to get me unknowingly to meet up with him. Apparently he had ALL this proof in a package that he wanted to show me....but never did take the time to type it all out, to mail it, etc. There was no proof. But there sure was a lot of lies. He was the f*cking idiot. Making threats to sue for invasion of privacy,etc. and a deal where charges would be dropped if he received his belongings (items that he had given to me). He hand delivered that letterhead (unsealed, not delivered by an official) from his friend “attorney” and I was never served any papers from this bogus claim.(And it's been a few years now.) He could of mailed the damn thing to me but instead decided to drive five hours to my house in an attempt to see me, to frighten me, to manipulate me into giving him back whatever the hell it was that he wanted back so bad. Must have been the AVON! I even called his attorney to speak to him and his words weren't all that threatening...since I honestly could of reversed the charges and placed some VERY REAL ones on them.

Once I was able to get away from him- to breathe, to think – without him constantly being on me about our relationship, his insecurities constantly needing reassurance, or my every movement being monitored, etc. I was able to see clearly the mind game that he had been playing. He loved to lie, to manipulate, to control. To be that dashing, heroic prince when he was nothing more than an overgrown, low esteemed “Munchausen syndrome” freak. He was literally MY WORST NIGHTMARE!!!

DesolateSoul DesolateSoul
Jul 29, 2010