Control Freak

My Daughter married an America pilot 26yr ago, and for 26yr I have kept out of their relationship, because of the kids. Now my daughter tells me she is very unhappy, that she feels the blinkers have been lifted from her eye's. She said he controls her life, her family are grown up now and she wanted a little job because she was feeling bored, and had a great need to come hom to England. He won't let her work, or make friends, he said he likes her home when he comes home, all they do is watch movies and eat, he will never do anything she wants to do.

She is here in England at the moment and is staying longer whild the family go home, I think she should never go back, but she said her youngest who is 18 still needs her, she will leave when her youngest leaves home or gets a girlfriend. I think he would be fine, I worry about her sanity because she is so unhappy, it is about time she was selfish for a change and put herself first.

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Keep out. As a mature woman and mother. You should know that couples need to work out their own differences, even 26 year old marriages. Have you let your daughter know how hard it was for you to build a marriage? Do you remember the work involved? <br />
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I too do not like controlling men and always encourage the women I know to be self dependent, self reliant. 26 years of marriage is a lot of equity though and worth the work to make better.<br />
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Self reliance is threatening to shallow and weak men.