Cheap, Phony Patriotism

Those magnetic "ribbons" on cars everywhere make me mental.  Usually they're on the biggest, gas-guzzling monsters driven by tiny power-yuppies.  Don't these people realize that the troops are dying (3,000+) to fuel these monstrosities?  If these people really cared about our troops, they'd learn to live in a world that didn't depend on foreign oil.
ElLagarto ElLagarto
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Bravo and again Bravo - especially since you have so clearly earned your perspective. Adequate health care - especially psychiatric care - that did not include rats scampering down the halls at Walter Reed, would be a good place to start. -- It's the fat and happy, self-satisfied nature of the symbol that offends me most - how easy to claim you are supportive when you're 1000s of miles from the action and cruising in gas guzzler - unwilling to make any sort of sacrifice at all to demonstrate your support. Orwellian is right!

Outstanding post.

I personally like the yellow ribbon that says "I support the Chinese sweatshop that makes yellow ribbons"<br />
If every person who spent $3 on a stupid ribbon donated that money to the USO or pooled the money, I bet our troops could actually have body armor and possible plate their vehicles against IED's

el lagarto, i dont mind people boasting their support for the war, just as i dont mind boasting my opposition to it. but i too have often noticed those damn stickers on hummers and other big suvs. it pretty much gives you a clear idea as to why they support this war. they need to fuel those huge cars and if the troops win this battle than our country will have control over that foreign oil.<br />
<br />
and if someone wants to argue thats not the case, then just as el lagarto said, why dont they trade in those gas guzzlers for hybrids or other economical cars. that would indeed help this country become less dependent on foreign oil, and would in turn be a start to helping the troops come home, and that, just as myspip stated would be the best support we could give those soldiers.

The best support would be to take them (the troops) back home :D Not put up stupid banners