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i don't follow gossip and i dont spend endless hours obsessing about celebrities, but certian things bother me. Miley Cyrus' target adiunce is 2-12 and a few older teens, but her persona is that of a **** star. she post racey pictures of herself online and she does discusting things while she is performing on stage, like rubbing her vagina while in short shorts, or dancing on a pole at the kid's choice awards. she calls herself a role model for young girls, but i dont want my little sisster or other little girls to be *****.

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3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

i never really like miley when she first became famous and after awhile i started not minding her but then i watched her new music video cant be tamed and holy **** she is pretty slutty! i can understand teenage girls wanting to act older and be sexy sometimes, but making sleazy music videos as her career is just ridiculous.

I totally agree actually. My younger sisters' went out and bought some of her merchandise and i went completely insane. I saw one of her performances and felt as if i was going to vomit! Honestly I don't know how she get's away with it! Disney should have rid of her ASAP!!

Welcome to the world that is performance. :/<br />
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Right or wrong, despite how we feel, that is how it will be, and no doubt steadily get worse.