My husband and I moved here almost a year ago. We live in what would be called a "hollow" so space is short. At first it seemed we had lots in common with our neighbors; we both were expecting and around the same age. I was also a massage therapist as were they both, through I no longer practice. We both enjoy healthy, wholesome and ethnically produced food and so forth. I thought these common grounds were the fruit of a common ground we shared. However, I guess not.

Nearly a year on, it's become clear that regardless of common interests these ppl think they are bettwr than us. While my husband and I appreciate organic, free range and ethnically produced food, we however cannot afford it. Fund have been tight since I was pregnant and could not find work easily both for the current economy and simply being pregnant. We can't afford our ideals and make the most with what we have and I believe we have been judged by them initially for that. We share a parking space and have to walk past their house (they're 3 feet away from us) to get to and from our house and car with groceries or whatever.

Being pregnant at the time I recieced the brunt of interrogations about what I do or dont do or plan to do. They delivered they're child at home unassisted...the father delivered the baby while we babysat the oldest child. I had the lovely privilege of being present when the neighbor lady went into labor during which she proceeded to tell me how so many ppl have judged her for hqve an unassisted home birth AND then began to berate hospital births which she knew damn well was MY plan from previous conversations. What the ****? That was the beginning of the end for me. I devorced myself from them emotionally but that didnt stop them from doling out their criticisms and opinions then or after.

Here is a list of contradictions and plain old aroggance:

-neighbor lady handed me a book titled "holistic childbirth" and made the statement "you probably won't but thought you'd like to read it." Tho I told her previously I planned on doing a natural birth.

-when I did give birth and was in the hospital for the recommended 2 day and my husband came home to check our dog who we asked the neighbors to watch (and who didnt follow our feeding instructions...fed our dog her vegan diet that she feeds her dog) the neigh or guy asks why am not home. Husband explains routine test and such for me and baby and also our son's circumcision. Neighbor guys gasps and states his objection toward the proceedure...which he likely had himself.

-most recently, I came outside with my son to enjoy the evening air and be social with neighbors. Neighbor guy comes over asks a few typical questions about my boy then point blank asks me if im still breastfeeding. I, typically being a sarcastic person but blindsided said no. He asked why and noted my breastfeeding wasn't long.

These are just a few notations of their arrogance. One quick other was when I was sitting outside once enjoying the evening and waiting waiting for husband to get home to start dinner. I was eating salt water tafy because I was hungry! Neighbor guy comments in admonition that my baby won't sleep with the sugar I consumed since I was then breastfeeding. WTF ppl??

Here's the contradiction...neighbor lady hires babysitters while she is home because she can't handle them both on her own by herself...everyday. let me get this straight, she's all about bringing them In to this world naturally and wholistically but can't handle them when they are here?? In addition to that she and he allow their oldest to run unattended in the pouring rain without shoes, often with adult tools like a shovel. Recently the neighbor lady (who I suspect to be a malignant narcissist) called the cops on her baby daddy. It turns out she was punching him and he reacted. I suspect she pushes buttons for the a girl so im no chauvinistic btw. Cops told them if it happens again they are taking both downtown and children will be taken.

Also, just recently my husbad told me he came home and saw both children unattended with the youngest (6 months) tummy down in the grass and the other oldest, 2 walking around witha shovel with no shoes as always. It should also be noted that this child has a history of being violent toward his brother....jealousy mostly but still. Who the F are these ppl to judge US?

Also on a side note these neighbors owe us favors for favors but still haven't returned the favors months later and still think itit's ok to cut the grass which we ahare like an ahole....they cut the half thats closest to their house...but just started doing that too! Neighbor *****has a hand in that. Even thought my husband has always cut allll of it. I recently cut iit myself and I cut ALL of the portion we share to make a point. The lawn we share is like maybe 12 by 6 small.

Anyway, I can't stand these ppl but I think I out did them by being the better person...always.

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There has been a lot left out also for times sake and also im typing this on my phone so please forgive typos and such.