My Heart Aches For You..

I want to go to bed someday and wake up feeling happy inside wondering why. I go check T.V with a new prompt event saying "The Syrian president died in an explosion today cause by the Syrian free army" and I hover over news channels and stop by one where Syrian people going around with cars in streets all over the region happy, praying and celebrating. I then finally be able to smile, to breathe normally! and I get on EP and send a deeply compassionate message to my friend from there. To finally stop feeling ashamed, ashamed for sleeping safe every single day for having a place that I can live in all day with out worrying, without worrying that someone might hurt my sisters or my mum, without worrying that someone might break into my house! without worrying that a plane is gonna turn my house upside down! without worrying that I'll never see one of my college's class mates again! Without worrying that I won't be able to sleep from the explosions sounds! Without having to worry about my other FRIEND who haven't logged into EP since November, he lives in a city near the capital of Syria Damascus! A city that I see everyday in the news and I hope that the ruined house in the screen isn't my friend's :( We didn't talk much when he used to log on here. He has the same name I have! I want to woke up that same day I mentioned above and log onto EP and I find a message from him say "I'm okay M..d (our name) I was just in a shelter with my mother and siblings and thank God we are just fine". Seriously I just read his blogs on here and it's just really horrible! It makes me full of anger and disgust!

I'm craving this day.. I wouldn't feel ashamed anymore I wouldn't feel sad for my Syrian brothers and sisters! my family..

I once came across a video on the Syrian Revolution tumblr blog and I swear that day I cried for like 5 full hours cuz of what I have seen. Imagine when an 18 years old guy cry from a 6 minutes video!! It didn't even have blood in it! I just the look on the people's faces.. omg I can't believe humans could be this horrible.. Someone lost his sister, lost her not like she is dead. She just vanished.. a military vehicle stopped and took her.. :/ just like that.. and another guy lost his wife and her brother this way also.. another one lost his daughter.. They LITERALLY wished their lost ones were killed instead of vanishing this way!!!!! THIS IS NOT HUMANE :'( Another lady lost her husband this way too. Another part of the video shows two fu ckin officers grabbing a mother and her daughter who is like 14 years old from the street... taking them towards a military base.. this part of the video this EXACT part I WILL NEVER forget...... and that's when I started crying.. I COULDN'T believe my eyes.. the guy who was filming this part of the video from a balcony was crying... cuz there were nothing he could do to save the two ladies who were screaming....


This is just fu ckin not HUMANE!!!!!!!! (excuse my language I'm just really pi ssed right now) I wish you fu ckin rot in hell you freakin bastard!! Power makes people too fu ckin blind!!! and you WILL get your day!! (Apologies again for the bad language)
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Oh my!!! what the hell is happening??? May God save the innocents..

I totally sypathise with your feelings. I don't understand why the West hasn't intervened as they have almost everywhere else. Bashar al-Assad is an inhumane dictator willing to sacrifice his own people for his own ego and power. My heart aches with yours.

Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I really appreciate it. Just keep Syria in your prayers.