The world is silent while innocent people are murdered. Every new morning , hundreds are killed with asad bombs. The world is a parter in this crime by their silence. It is not a civil war. It is a genocide against armless innocent civilians.
The indifference of the world encouraged extremists from all over the world to come and fight in Syria and the only victims are the poor Syrians who couldn't escape their country like others who did . And even those who escaped , they live terrible lives in tents .
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Things arent as simple as you are perceiving n projecting them.

So sad. I think anyone who pays attention to world affairs knows it is was a protest against the dictator. I think the USA or at least the administration is working with Iran or at least does not want to provoke them. The same with Russia. In addition the administration has no experiwnce in world affairs.

it is so unbelivable what people do in "the name of religion", lets hope god will punish them in time..

The media showed the situation in Syria once as a civil war and other time as a sectarian war which is not the case. It started as a peaceful protest against a dictator who inherited this country from his father , the former dictator. This country , Syria , was ruled by Asa-ad the father then his son for more than 30 years. The government is corrupted and there was poverty ad discrimination against sunnis ( the majority of Syrians ) where alawites ( the minority but to whom asad family belong controlled all the aspects of life in Syria. When the Syrian revolted peacefully, the government reaction was violent , but the people could still won because they were the majority, but did that happen? No, Iran , who sees asad as its ally ( belonging to the same sect) interfered and took part in this war. As a result , sunnis jihadists came to fight Iranians . This will continue for how long only God know. To know where is the world from all this, I tell you . The world is silent. They don't care about thousands of Syrians who were killed by chemicals or bombs. US invaded Iraq and destroyed the sunni government there . It sold Iraq to Iran and shiites. US is fighting sunnis in Yemen which strengthen shiites there and now ( Al-Hawthi ) advanced to Sanaa ( the capital) to announce himself a king. It is clear US and Iran are working together . Now US interfered to fight ISIS. Why only ISIS? what about Asad ? How is ISIS threatening US ? If US cares about the lives of innocent , why not the Syrians ? More than 200,000 Syrians were killed in this war and they still die every day.

yes, what about Assad.........

that is the fact .....