Well She Ain't No Oprah Winfrey

Blahh ha ha ha.....well she ain't, I do not discuss anything with her....ever! I have an analogy I have used since I was a kid..If I was standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus and a car tire flew off and hit me in the head and killed me dead. My mother would have told the driver not to worry about it as I probably did something to deserve it?
She has never stood up for me and I cannot discuss even the most mudane of issues with here. As I am the direct cause of global warming. Cancer in most humans and the rust. She called up my friends parents and told them that, "their kids were never aloud to hang out with me, cause I was rotten..to the core". LOL? I never wait for a positive comment anymore, but I find that I still wait? Why is that? LOL?
To this day, if I slip up and say anything...ANYTHING...like I am having some immigration issues (an innocuous comment) she will cut me off with a, "your a ******* *******, that's great like they need you in there country?"..I was so stressed out in the grocery store, "well that's just ******* great, I bet you were acting real appropriate"? or "You know, you were allot more likable when you were medicated for your A.D.D." Hey mom they came out with a new medication for adults with A.D.D. "well don't start running around blaming your problems on some stupid thing in your mind, all I'm saing is I don't wanna have to listen to you whine about A.D.D. now that your on some pill"? "You deserved to lose her, you were an *******". HA HA HA...I have just stopped talking to her about anything..LOL
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Then you know, OMG! Then you understand! LOL! Hang in there, if your mom is worse, please stop thinking about killing yourself! Take care!