This Is My Second Day On Ep And Expressing Myself Honestly Feels Great

I find it difficult to comprehend texts and words a lot of the time. I find it hard to analyze social situations quite often. I cannot keep my thoughts loud, clear, coherent--O, i can't keep them coherent. Lately, if a thought jumps into my head, I forget about it if i don't hold on; i push it out cuze it hurts to think; i push it out because i know i will not get to a conclusion. I use to fantasize a lot and even doing that is tough. I am a vegtible a lot of the times. But recently, I am fighting with myself more than ignoring and I am getting better, maybe? Expressing myself on EP seems to help.
dontknowrightnow dontknowrightnow
26-30, M
Feb 7, 2011