Cheating Is Wrong-come On People!!!!!

I am absolutely infuriated by people who think it is ok to cheat.

If there are problems in marriages or relationships sort them the hell out or end it. Vows have been taken - these days they mean nothing???

It is unfair to keep someone on a line, while you want to play the field, or have communication issues, you have one life people-make it count.

The person that is being cheated on breaks-literally-I have been through hell-and every time I thought he'd change, and I thought it was my fault, and I believed his lies, and I compare myself to other women, and I feel inadequate and not good enough-and these are emotions that stem from my childhood because I was abandoned and rejected at a young age, he knows this and uses this. And i was a confident girl before I met him, ambitious driven, I was featured in one of the top magazines as a model-and then he happened.


Don't be selfish-you cannot have the best of both worlds, set the person free, cheating on them, is soul destroying for them, makes them feel inadequate, unwanted and unworthy, and if it is so easy to cheat do you really love them, or are you just keeping them to control them.

And if you are being cheated on-clean those frosted glasses-because sadly they don't change-honestly I think its like an addiction for them, they like the chase

Be picky, know what you want, if someone is worth your time-they will go the extra mile-if not-well then they weren't worth it in the first place.

Take a stand for yourself-I nearly let this person break me so badly that I was burning out and landing up in hospital all the time-

DON't let someone manipulate and control and lie to you-it's your life, and you only get a shot at it once
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This really helped me, thank you.