What a Douchebag

so when the super bowl came around,my dad threw a party for some of his friends from work to come..so me and my bf showed up and were hanging out in the other room while they watched they game..there was a couple there and i could tell right off the bat that this guy was a douchebag..his gf was really shy and everything..well as the night went on,they both began to drink and get a little tipsy or whatever..i would say it was maybe midnight or so and she was drunk and wasnt feeling well and wanted to go home..well he was told her that he wasnt leaving cuz he wasnt done partying/drinking yet..so what did he let her do?he let her drive home drunk..what an irresponsible *******..so my dad,him and another friend decided to go down to the bar to have a few drinks..well my dad came back prolly 45 mins later and it was only 2 of them..that one guy was gone,so i just figured that mayb he had hitched a ride home with someone he knew at the bar or something..so then a couple days ago my bf and i are hanging out at dad's again..and dad left to go to the kitchen and my bf leaned over to me and was like "when you went to the bathroom a little while ago,he told me that that guy went home with another chick,and thats why he wasnt with them when they came back home"..i was furious...how could a man ******* do that?how could ANYONE do that?have the nerve to let her drive home drunk with a possibility of her getting into a wreck,or getting a ticket or jailed..and he wanted to have soo much fun that he went out and went home with some other *****?wow..i couldnt believe it..i no the feeling of betrayal and i couldnt help but believe every bit of it cuz i knew that even tho i didnt "know" him like that,that he was capable of it..i feel soo bad for her

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Sure he let her drive home drunk...<br />
but didn't you do the same thing?<br />
<br />
You knew she was drunk.<br />
And let her drive herself home.<br />
<br />
<br />
Because that helps.

o hell ya,i am a firm believer in karma and its ways..karma has worked for me when ive hated on people..lol