I have given my husband a third of my life. he cheated 2 years ago, and I gave him another chance. A chance he did not deserve, and here we are again. His wife and children meaning nothing to him. I start divorce paperwork today. It's a new start I desperately need.
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I am female. It's the only logic I have. I understand a lapse In judgement , drunken night of passion to be regretted, etc. We are talking extra marital relationships.... Emotional connections to other women. Choosing to put his effort , time and affections into different women. And to lie, manipulate, and deceive me to engage in these relationships. He's not sorry. He's sorry I caught him. If his wife of 11+ years was important he would have in the 2 years this has been going on put an effort to stop. Of corse he loves his children, but he had not put their best interest or well being before his own in continuing to have affairs

You don't need him my dad did the same to mom he left and walked I haven't spoken to him from that day on.