My Seventeen Yr Old Boyfriend Is On Grad Trip...

Alright we have been dating on and off since grade nine, and when i say on and off i mean i dated other from beginning of grade ten to end of grade 11 ish but we always stayed connected and hooked up and weve been dating for the past ten months. Im the only girl hes ever slept with, and even when we broke up (his choice - to go wild and have fun for his last high school year) i started a casual relationship with another guy but he didnt see anyone else and got mad at me for the other guy, even though he broke up with me. He always claims im the only girl hes ever actually loved, and liked - all other girls (so,... two) he has just hooked up with when he was drunk on random occasions. anyways weve been soo good the weeks leading up to this and yesterday he left for the HUGE gradtrip that pretty much every grade 12 in the city goes on(dominican). now since we started dating, he has ALWAYS said that cheating is the one thing he will not put up with. under no circumstances. and i trust him, i really do. But ... hes with his 'boys', no parents, hotel rooms, drunk girls who are half naked and he has a really fit body that he LOVES getting attention on.. im freaking out. He has his cell but turned it off before the plane left and hasnt turned it on since. I dont understand why he wouldn WANT to just say goodnight or text me once? the night before he left he left a voicemail just saying i want you to know that i love you more than anything and i always have since i first met you and your my number one aldkjfalfjk but still im so nervous

When he broke up he wanted to have fun and go wild for grade 12, and this is the perfect setting for him to do so. Back in january he said "im not going with the intention to hook up with another girl, but i cant proimse nothing will happen" but he says that he means that about every weekend he goes out.. which is stupid because he goes to a exclusive private school and would never hook up with any of those girls because if it was going to happen, it owuld have already.

should i just relax and trust him, or realistically am i being an idiot about this and its a given he will hook up with another girl?


oh i forgot. Im in the city. with literally no friends (their all away) so its not like i am going anywhere/have anything to distract me.

anniebean anniebean
18-21, F
Mar 12, 2010