Just Me Biotching

Insecurity in a partner drives me up the wall.  I hate to constantly be asked a lot of questions.


Question: “Why is he leaving you messages?”

Answer: “Well he is my friend or quite possibly he wants to hit it.”  I get particularly mad if it is Silver calling me.  Everyone in my real life and most people on EP know that we are friends and if someone doesn’t like that then **** it.  Get over the insecurity and get a life.


Question: “Are you sure you are going out with just girls?”

Answer: “Nope I am going out with men.  I don’t have many female friends and if I didn’t go out with my guy friends I would sit in a hotel a lot.”


Okay that is the guide to my number one pet peeve.  I will shut up now.


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Oh yes it is lovely in so many ways Rog.

Ummm... You can speak for me too, girl, in this case anyway... I am a total one on one lights on person myself :)

I have gone through that in a relationship btw. See I like doing it with the lights on looking face to face, eye to eye. I am only thinking about the man I am with. If i wanted my friend I would be there with him instead but I can only speak for myself.

Kry, So you are cool that I am jealous of your long fingers? I really did long fingers for some weird reason. I wish mine were longer.

Duckie, Interesting observations.<br />
<br />
Eric and NS, Gentlemen, I adore both of you! <br />
<br />
HBY, Hell I think you are right but I know men more bc I grew up with them. There are some women that are "catty" but there are also men that are "dawgs" and I don't play with either knowingly and believe me I can put either back in their cage really fast. Well you know this already. I hope you are ok.

I think it's all about people FG. I have very close female AND male friends. I really don't hang much with "groups" of people, but when I do, it is usually mixed company and I can usually talk to anyone in the room. To me, it is more about the connection than anything else when it comes to who I want to be spending my time with.

AY, I have to agree with you that I could give a flying **** less how long it took you to put your make up on or who made the jeans you are wearing... I am must not into that kind of thing. Now if you want to talk about football with me then I will chat all night or if you want to talk about a book or author that we have in common or one of the many online games that I play.

All, Let me clear up your thoughts on why I have mostly male friends. I grew up in a neighborhood where I was the ONLY girl. Therefore I grew up playing football, climbing trees, and playing what one would consider traditionally male games and with traditionally male toys. The only time I played with dolls etc was if I asked one of my girlfriends from school over to my home and my parents weren't too keen on inviting people outside our neighborhood into our home. On the rare occasion, we played in my playhouse it was usually that they were working on my sink etc bc I broke it. I did not have another female to play with in my neighborhood until I was 14 yrs. old. By that time I had already learned the rules for baseball, football, etc etc... I still love sports today. I tend to form friendships with other women that love sports as well. This is apparent in the persons that I am closest to in RL as well as EP. Do I NEED a man's attention? No, I don't need a man's attention with the exception of one person and I don't even consider him a man in that way. However I didn't mean anyone to get their feelings hurt.<br />
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I guess I wasn't paying as much attention to you Eric as I originally thought I was because I thought you grew up with just you and your sisters? I am a freaking idiot I guess and I apologize to you because I have thought that all alone.<br />
<br />
I do want to point out that had some of my previous stories been read and that assumptions not been made it would have been a more pleasant thread. If you look back in my earlier stories you will see that I covered the fact that I grew up with all boys and you will also see I covered the fact a total of 6 times that I don't fight over a man's attention.<br />
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AC, You also bring up a great point. I love to go shopping with my boys. They give me an ob<x>jective opinion and I should also point out that they aren't all straight either. Some of my guy friends that I write about love men more than I do.

i'm not comfortable around people, men or women....whenever i did hang out with a group of guys it was usually cause i was interested in atleast one of them. but as for chicks, adandymess is the only one i hang out with. i cant stand groups of girls because they bore me. i dont care how long it took you to fix your hair...it took me a whole f*cking 5 minutes. and i dont like drama, girls tend to have a lot of drama....although, so do some guys.

You are entitled and I appreciate your opinion Karen.<br />
See how easy that is? ;-) <br />
<br />
<br />
I do find it a bit odd that the word "catty" and women keeps coming up. Have you thought to alter what kind of women you deal with? I have encountered few if any "catty" women in my lifetime. Perhaps I am lucky. ;) <br />
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NobodySpecial: you said something un-called for to me. So, how did I remind you why you do not hang out with males? I did nothing to you nor did I attack you. Good luck to you, man.

Why would you resort to calling me names? I stated my view and you, in a condescending tone, asked if I had ever been around "just women". In turn, I replied. <br />
<br />
Never once did I call you a name. Perhaps you are threatened. I am sorry for your lack of understanding and willingness to view things a bit differently. <br />
<br />
Perhaps we should not call this the Experience Project...

NobodySpecial: No, I have never been around a group of women in my life. I have lived in a cave for 28 years. I have no sisters, female friends, ex's, nothing. I know nothing of women. I pray that you can enlighten me. <br />
<br />
Dude, serious? *shakes head*

I am not on anything. If you prefer to hang out over 90% of the time with one sex or the other, it indicates a hang up. That is not good nor bad. Just evident. ;)<br />
<br />
Women love to lay claim to being 'more comfy' with men. Which is fine. Have you not noticed how women who love to be around men more, also NEED to be around men more? <br />
They crave attention from them and are less fulfilled because of it, often times. Those types of women are also very intimidated by successful independent women who do not need the constant hounding of a man. <br />
<br />
Just an observation. :)

I'm right the !@#$ with you on that my darlin' FG...see my story in "I am Not A Jealous Girlfriend".<br><br />
EricS, are you on somethin' amigo? I love my boys cos they are cool...competing women...I am the best, doll! *goofy grin*

Side and additional note: I've noticed that women who primarily hang out with men, have insecurity issues of their own. They are jealous of women, which is why they constantly need the attention of men. Therefor hang out almost exclusively with men. <br />
<br />
In turn, making them appear to be more comfy with men, all the while shadowing their own intimidated fear of competing women. :) <br />
<br />
Thought provoking post and quite possibly, eye opening post. ;)

yes or what did you have for lunch and who did you eat it with? It makes me want to run away!!! OH GOD!!!<br />
<br />
If I want to be with someone else I am woman enough to tell you straight up.