If a Man Is Insecure.. Run!!!!

Insecurity in a man is not able to be cured!! You can't fix it!!

Insecurity leads to all kinds of horrible emotions that can then lead to emotional and physical abuse.

Battered women would most likely be able to say that their men suffer from great insecurity.

A man needs his mother. Needs her affirmation. He needs her to be a role model in his life. You want to know what a man is like, then meet his mother. You will never be able to be that for him. If he needs a mother then send him packing. You need a real man.

Some men will get with a really attractive woman that is generally considered 'out of his league'. He is turned on by her. If he is insecure, he can turn her whole world into chaos. Slowly brain washing her into his own puppet. He can't stand that other men look at her with lust and eventually she can't leave her own house.

I say that you cannot fix it because too many times I have seen it go way down hill. A man must first come to terms with his own insecurity issues before trying to be a real man to a real woman.

Those insecure guys can be very tempting.. They can fulfill the need in some women to mother, protect and nurture. But they are a well that you cannot ever fill. They will come to resent you, and you them.

So if you find a man that is insecure RUN AND RUN FAST!!!


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5 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Insecure man here. Insecurity needs understanding, patience from others. I am smart enough to know my insecurity begins and ends with me. The worst thing for me now is to have my SO run from me. I shared my insecurity and was given zero support. I have shut that off from her now. Tthe one person who should be my biggest ally. I will fix this on my own, but an insecure man is one with strong emotions. Stick around if he can be committed to working his issues out. A man facing down his fears is a real man. A brave one who simply needs someone who will listen.

Darn I wish I read this 5 years ago. What a nightmare I'm in. I feel so stuck.

I agree that insecurity is one of the biggest causes of infedelity and chaotic relationships. Abuse is also linked to the man's childhood and what they have grown to think what is acceptable. However its not an excuse for men to put their hands on women. The

Self affirmation is a good self a esteem builder.
Got to love yourself before ever loving somebody else.

I have a friend that has that issue with her husband. He tells her she is JUST like his ex OR that he knows that is ex screwed around so she will to unless he puts a rope around her neck and drags her everywhere he goes. Of course that is not literal but you get the point. My personal opinion is that people will do what they want, so it doesn't matter how insecure you may be.

I just ended an 8 year farce that was exactly as you described only sorry it was her that had the insecurities. So I dont think its a gender issue. But your right all around it was pure hell and they will never change. If it smells like insecurity if it looks like its insecurity if it tastes like insecurity well dumbass it probably is insecurity and you should run like hell! Bad thing is I relized it right off and let it go way too long. Wasted 8 years of my life and thats precious to me. Life is too short to throw it away! thanx for sharing your thoughts.