Never Again

Some years ago, I broke up with a man who I later found out had cheated on me from Day One.  It took me years to get over that abuse.  Recently I met a man who was attentive, and kind, and funny and smart and attractive.  He never called.


Now I am afraid to even talk to any other men.  I think I am always going to be alone.

rootsgrrl rootsgrrl
51-55, F
1 Response Jun 28, 2007

we all feel like that at 1 point in time. I went through many bad relationships before I found the right one. I know it's hard to let stuff like that go but honestly if we keep on living in the past it can mess up our future. when you come across a guy you think is great. let your guard down slowly. Sometimes when we find a guy that is everything your looking for on the outside we tend to open ourselves up to fast before we actually get to know him. The right guy needs to be everything on the inside as well as the outside. Don't give up just be more cautious in your steps. Most importantly Don't search for love let love find you because when we search we tend to overlook a lot of things because we're anxious to say we have the right guy. I'm sure there is someone right for you out there. Good luck in your journey on finding your knight & shining armor.