A Disgrace To My Race

I never could use chopsticks. If I could, they would just frustrate me because I'd have to work harder for my food. I'm not zen enough for that. My friend can friggin' eat ice cream with chopsticks. Whoa.
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5 Responses Jul 15, 2010

Correction ^^, :<br />
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the upper hold by the thumb, the first of the pair supported by the ring finger, the second of the pair (the far side from the body) supported by index and middle finger, this one u let loose/moving with the thumb as the controller ^^,<br />
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aww easier to do it than to say it!

I guess I can teach you a little hehehe coz I am also not an expert on it ^^,<br />
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Hold one of them with your thumb and the ring finger, while another one you hold it with your index with the support of the middle finger :) This last-mentioned is supposed to be the moving one....<br />
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Just try it and have a succes with your foods ^^,

Ok... Like 7 years ago or whatever I need to grab lunch and I'm late for a meeting.... and this place I grab lunch is -all out of plastic forks- but has SHITLOADS of chopsticks available. The meeting leader/team lead was -Chinese-. I don't recall using my 'situation' as an eggcuse when I showed up at the meeting :-D

I've been able to eat jello with them too :p<br />
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I'll show you the trick to it, and give a short explanation here if anyone cares.<br />
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Hold the first one like you would a pencil but grip lightly between thumb and middle finger. Add the second one on top and use your forefinger to guide it. The trick to eating stuff like rice, ice cream, and jello is to lightly touch the tips together and use it as a scoop. It works much like a spoon that way. It also helps if the rice is sticky. Basically it just takes some practice especially with pressure, you don't need much to grip most food, it's squeezing too hard that makes you food slide right out of your chopsticks.

I am not brilliant at the use of them. Sometimes it does come up if I actually want to eat.